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Fender hardware available!

We now have fender flare hardware available. There are two styles to choose from. Many colors to pick from. You can order them in singles, or save money and order the available kits of 40 for the Orenda flares. This allows for 4 extra washer kits in case you lose some. And of course ordering the 40 piece kits for the price of 30 is a steal! Order yours today!

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Orenda Flare Kit is officially available!!

Orenda Flares are available to purchase! Starting out as low as $950 shipped in the USA. Available in flexible fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Also a special combo price of $1250 to be shipped with sideskirts. Every kit is made with a 4 week lead time. But we try to get them out within 2 weeks. Can't wait to see these on the road!

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