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Orenda Carbon Fiber Flare Kit. Comes with all 4 fenders. Specially designed for the SW20, these allow for proper gas filler cover to open. Front fenders sit right on top of the factory body strip for simple alignment. rears slide right over Greddy style sideskirts. There is a 4 week max lead time before shipping on Carbon Fiber kits. These are made to order. Allowing us to keep the quality there instead of worrying about mass quanitity.

This kit comes with the same flares you would get in the standard Orenda Carbon Fiber Flare Kit. Except this comes with a set of Camposites made side skirts. Saves you over $80 on the flares. Great for the ones who have yet to get side skirts, and these are made for the flares specifically!

Orenda Flares Carbon Fiber + Side Skirts

SKU: Orenda-Carbon-Flare-Skirt
  • Each Carbon Fiber kit is hand laid in the molds. Giving our kits that touch that the others in the market don't. These are still a fairly flexible product. Are able to handle some tire touching. Being made from a single mat and quality carbon, these are some of the most durable carbon vehicle products you can purchase.

    This kit also comes with a set of Camposites Greddy style side skirts.