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Orenda Fiberglass Flare Kit. Comes with all 4 fenders. Specially designed for the SW20, these allow for proper gas filler cover to open. Front fenders sit right on top of the factory body strip for simple alignment. rears slide right over Greddy style sideskirts. There is a 3 week lead time to ship on Fiberglass flare kits. Each kit is made to order, allowing us to keep quality instead of worrying about mass quantity.

*Disclaimer: These are made to fit Camposites created greddy style side skirts. we sell them in a package deal on our website. Any other side skirt may be subject to trimming or adding material.*

Orenda Flares Fiberglass

SKU: Orenda-Fiber-Flare
  • Single layer fiberglass mat. Helps maintain shape, flexibility, and over all durability.